Working at ContactCare, an English perspective

do,aug 2016

Since moving to the Netherlands early this year, I was lucky to find myself a job as quickly as I did. I have very little knowledge of the Dutch language and I am trying very hard to learn. Not only is the language different, but also simple things like figuring out what to have for lunch became a very difficult task! In order to live and work in another country you need to be open and flexible. You may need to alter you own perspective and routines in order to find your way again.

I found this job at ContactCare and had a few reservations about my own ability. Working in another country than England brings out many insecurities. The great thing about this company is everyone is very welcoming and accommodating. I was quickly able to be myself and build confidence in my role. It is a lovely experience working with such a dynamic and international team.

If I have to compare my previous job to this one, it would be a tricky comparison. I found in my previous job, as the company was changing they struggled to maintain a steady training program. This was a difficult thing to cope with, especially as I am a perfectionist. ContactCare is always changing and bringing in news businesses to work with and even amongst all the change, there is still support available.

As my roll in the call centre, the daily work may vary. You never know who may be calling or emailing so there can be some pressure to ensure you provide a good service. I have found that the tools available to me are useful during the calls, if all else fails the group chat for the projects are a great back up. I have found that ContactCare is always wanting to update the tools available so we have all the information at our disposal. I have found that working in another country, even though it can be scary, has only helped develop my skill set, my communication and my confidence.

Customer Service Representative
Sarah-Jane, Customer Service Representative

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